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Electric Vehicle Club Sri Lanka

The Electric Vehicles Club Sri Lanka, widely known as “EV Club” was formed in 2015 to promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles in the country and empower EV owners and users with the required knowledge to gain confidence and peace of mind.

EV Club conduct programs to educate people about electric vehicles, it’s benefit to the environment and energy sector. As a small country we believe EVs are smart and efficient choice for transportation in Sri Lanka with green energy like Solar Power.

EV club provides a venue for collaborative interchange among people who share the same ideas, aspirations and aims. The club is a great place where EV club members can exchange helpful insights and ideas on how they can improve their experience with EV. It is likewise a place where they can learn from each other as to matters that deal with car maintenance and other things.

Our Vision

A Green Sri Lanka with Electric vehicles preferably powered by Sustainable Energy

Our Mission

Commit to promote electric vehicles and use of sustainable energy by setting examples, providing knowledge & guidance.

Our Objectives

1. To promote and facilitate the use of Electric Vehicles and Vehicles using Alternative Energy Sources in Sri Lanka.

2. To create deeper awareness and enhanced knowledge among the general public and other organizations about the environmental, economic and social benefits in the use of Electric and other vehicles powered by alternative energy sources.

3. To serve as a source of information, advice, guidance and protection for to the users of Electric and other vehicles powered by alternative energy sources.

4. To arrange public forums and create platforms for the users of Electric and other vehicles powered by sustainable energy to meet, fraternize, support each other and raise awareness of their issues amongst themselves. The general public, public and private sectors.

5. To use the print, electronic, social and other media to the fullest to disseminate information, create support and lobby groups for welfare and development of the use of vehicles powered by electricity and other sustainable energy sources, in Sri Lanka.

6. To encourage members and associates to actively participate in identifying, promoting and engaging in the activities of the Club which promote the use of electric vehicles.

7. To promote and encourage the use of locally produced sustainable energy sources such as hydro, solar and wind power.

8. To promote, educate and engage in dialogue between the users of Electric Vehicles, the Government Authorities and Private Sector Organizations to discuss issues and seek solutions, promote new legislation and suitable infrastructure required to promote and develop the use of Electric and other vehicles preferably powered by sustainable energy in Sri Lanka.

9. To undertake all matters that are incidental or conducive to achieving the above objectives.

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